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Alberese Farmhouse Agricoltural Holding Magnaboschi

Production of typical tuscan products

The farm was born during the thirties, when the owners’ parents arrived from Veneto to keeping on the marshlands reclamation.In fact the farmhouse took its name “Magnaboschi” by a little village situated in the Asiago’s upland. The owner’s parents gave their sons the  values of the agricultural vocation and naturalism.

Today they manage the farmhouse and cultivate their land, by whose they harvest vegetables, extra virgin oil and fruits, for excellent jams. All the products, among which eggsare on sale in the Farmhouse.

Love for the earth and its products

An agricultural vocation handed down from generation to generation.

The name Magnaboschi comes from a small village on the plateau of Asiago, a name that recalls, like many other farms in this area, the places of the battles of the First World War. The agricultural vocation of the territory, also maintained by political choices in the post-war decades, love and respect for nature and the countryside, the courage and constancy to endure the physical effort and to live with the rhythms of Nature were then transmitted to the children who today cultivate the land of property producing cereals, legumes, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, both for some agro-food industries in the area, and for consumers who want to buy them directly on the farm.

First of all

Respect for the environment

The production methods chosen by farmhouse Magnaboschi privilege methods for the respect of the environment such as the use of organic fertilizers, integrated control in the management of insects and diseases for crops, and the practice of cover crops to reduce the development of weeds.

For some years we have reintroduced the cultivation of ancient grains such as Senator Cappelli durum wheat and legumes, such as chickpeas and lentils, of which the Tuscan gastronomic tradition is rich. We are preparing for bean cultivation and harvesting.

The current owners of the farmhouse near the sea Alberese, participated and guarded the evolution of mechanization, have also introduced some more advanced machinery, always updating and measuring with the market.

You can taste the typical products of Maremma, cultivated, harvested and served at the table!

Authenticity and Taste

Today our processed products are the basis of the breakfasts and other meals that we prepare and offer to our guests.



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